Different Poker Variants Available for Online Gamers

Poker is considered one of the most played game variant in almost all gaming platforms today. With its easy and quick gameplay, anyone will surely get hook with this classic table game. Hence, several game developers have produced different types of poker games which are now available in the market nowadays. These include some of the simplest variants for beginners, as well as the more complex ones for experienced poker players. Nevertheless, anyone should have the enough knowledge and background to better understand poker and its different variants. The best way to learn is to simply practice, and you can do that for free if you have access to the Cafe Casino bonus codes which are simply outstanding when compared to bonuses from the competitors, they are superior in every sense.

Different Types of Poker

This card game has three major classifications namely stud poker, draw poker, and community card poker. Most poker variants nowadays are classified into one of these categories which justifies their gameplay and in-game mechanics.

Stud poker variants feature a combination of exposed and hidden cards being dealt on the players' hands. This somehow gives their opponents an idea on their current hands which can either win or lose them the game. Razz and Seven Card Stud are two types of poker under this category.

On the other hand, draw poker involves the dealt players' hands are hidden from other players. This allows them to plan their gameplay and even improve their current hand by replacing some of their initial cards. Some of the popular poker variants using this gameplay are Badugi and Five Card Draw.

Lastly, the community card poker involves poker games which use shared cards or community cards. Omaha and Texas Hold'em are known examples of this variant wherein players are given hidden initial cards which they need to combine with shared or community cards to complete winning hands.

There are two other complex poker classifications which are only recommended for experienced players to try. These are the lowball and high-low split categories which have unusual gameplays and strategies for its players to win.

Various Poker Variants Today

As mentioned, there are a lot of poker variants available in the market nowadays. These include some of the most played, as well as some of the best online poker game in the industry today. Here are some of these known poker variants and their differences from each other:

Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em is regarded as the most popular poker variant nowadays. Aside from its staple prominence in the online world, it is also used in huge sporting events like the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Championship. The goal of Texas Hold'em players is to get the best five-card hand combination to win a round.

Players are initially given two hole cards which will be their starting hand before the dealer plays the succeeding rounds with community cards. These include the flop, turn, and river rounds which will help players complete their winning hands. In case of a tie, a kicker will be played to determine the winner.


Another prominent poker variant being played in the nowadays is Omaha. This is somehow similar with the gameplay of Texas Hold'em, except that players are dealt with four starting cards. But they can only two of these four hole cards, which will be combined to the three community cards to be played. The wagering rounds are similar with Texas Hold'em.

There is also another Omaha variant called the Pot Limit Omaha which is being hosted in several online and live poker rooms wherein players are only allowed to win the set pot or stake. They can no longer place any wager amount in between rounds.

3 Card Draw Poker

Meanwhile, 3 Card Draw Poker is considered as one of the most successful poker variants today. It a simple, easy-to-play table game which can win players as much as 40 times their played wagers. Players need to know the basic strategies and gameplay of three card draw to maximize their stakes per round.

It is also said to be patterned after Stud poker with the winning odds a little bit different since each has three cards in play. This makes hand rankings in Three Card Poker different from most poker variants. In this game, straights are more valued than flushes - wherein usual poker tables reward more on flushes than straights.

Caribbean Stud Poker

In Caribbean Stub Poker, players are dealt with five cards which they can either call or fold as the round progresses. It is similar with Five Card Stud's gameplay except that Caribbean Stud players are competing with the dealer instead of other players on the table. Players can place progressive wagers which can win also win them a huge amount of jackpot amounts.

Each game starts with the dealing of five faces down cards to both the player and the dealer. The dealer will then show one of his/her cards to the player before they decided whether they'll call the play or fold their hand. Caribbean Stud has the same hand rankings with other poker variants.

There are other types of poker available in the market today. Players can place their wagers in games like Seven Card Stud, Razz, Five Card Draw, Omaha Hi-Lo, 2-7 Triple Draw, HORSE, Irish Poker, Badugi, Speed Poker, and other modern variants which have mixed game formats. They can try all these games on different gaming platforms today and determine the best online poker game for them.

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