Enjoy Strip Poker Online For Racy Gambling Fun

Astur Poker is no stranger to trip poker which has always been an exciting, no-holds-barred game of choice at college parties or between couples, but now even the most timid card lovers can indulge thanks to the new online version. Here is a little more information about this game and how it is played.

In this classic, players tend to set some of their own rules beforehand, such as outlawing the removal of underwear or counting jewelry as an article of clothing. Across the board, the person who loses a hand must remove an article of clothing, which may include socks and shoes. Eventually, at the end, the loser will have lost all of his or her garments. The remaining contestants can continue until there is one winner. Typical poker rules and hand rankings are usually followed in most cases, but especially in the online version.

To get started in strip poker, each participant receives 5 cards. Unlike in traditional rules, no ante or blind will be required. The betting round begins to the dealer's left, and everyone gets a chance to change out some or all of their cards after completions. Once this has been accomplished, the final round can begin. Any remaining participants enter the showdown, in which the winner will be determined and someone loses an article of clothing. There can be many variations and twists found in this game to suit any player's style. When participating on the Internet, the in-game play even features pictures and videos for an extra dose of fun and realism. Enjoy just for fun or try your hand at walking away with some real cash to up the excitement.

Would-be newcomers who are shy, don't have a suitable group, or are concerned with modesty are glad to have the opportunity to join the strip poker fun online. There are even tournaments and real prizes up for grabs, so be sure to try it out today and don't miss out on the action!

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