Essential Texas Hold'em Gameplay, Guide, and Tips

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One of the games responsible for the most poker pictures and gambling photos is Texas Hold'em. Its popularity has earned its reputation of being used in most of the gaming platforms, as well as huge poker events like the main event of the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Along with this is the growing number of Texas Hold'em poker online players which are now playing this classic table and card games anytime and anywhere.

Some might say that they get to learn to play Texas Hold'em by just watching other players control and win on different tables. Indeed, it is an easy game to understand but it is still essential to know and understand the basic Texas Hold'em rules to excel in this game. There are also other gaming strategies and gameplay which can produce them the best hands and win the game.

Prepare the Basic Poker Equipment

Every round should start with a complete deck of cards. Players must ensure that they're playing with 52 cards in the deck before the dealer starts handing them their starting cards. Along with the deck of cards, they must also secure their own playing chips before they even sit on the table and participate.

Chips, virtual or actual versions, play a vital role in every Texas Hold'em poker game. These table pieces normally have monetary values in them which vary in each chip. Players need to familiarize themselves on these chips which also vary in sizes, colors, and texture.

Some poker tables have their own timer which tracks the time for set intervals. Stakes usually increase during these intervals. It also aids the players in keeping their pace while playing the game.

Aside with the basic table equipment, players should also understand the different hand rankings in Texas Hold'em poker.

Understand the Hand Rankings

As mentioned, players need to produce the best hands in Texas Hold'em to win in several rounds. Poker hands are completed with five card combinations which are composed of the players' starting hand or hole cards and three other cards from the community set. Some variants only require three or four final cards to determine whether they win or lose the game.

The highest paying hand in Texas Hold'em is the Royal Flush, which is also called the Ace High Straight Flush. This is made up of the usual straight flush combination with the ace as the highest valued card. Players must ensure that all cards have the same suits and are in sequential order.

The next valued combination belongs to a straight flush or five cards with the same suits of consecutive values. There is also the quads or the four-of-a-kind which follows the straight flush in the ranking.

This is followed by the full house which is composed of a pair of equal cards and three additional cards of similar values. Next is the flush which is composed of five cards of the same suits, then a straight or five consecutive cards of the same values.

Players can also complete combinations like three of a kind, two pairs, and pair to win a decent amount of winnings. The least paying hand belongs to the high card which is determined by the highest card in their hands.

Start to Learn the Game

Once all aforementioned reminders and tips are understood, players can now learn basic Texas Hold'em rules and start their own poker game. But before anything else, they need to place their wagers on the table to be a qualified player. It is advisable to start with the minimum wager to maximize one's bankroll and wagering strategies.

The pre-flop stage will then commence wherein the dealer will deal two face-down cards to the players which are called the hole cards or the starting hands. These hole cards will remain faced down until the end of the round and should only be visible to its owning players. Players need to review their hole cards whether they'll proceed with the game or call it quits. They can either raise, call, or fold during their pre-flop turn and other succeeding turns.

When they decided to raise, they should double the played stake on their next wager. Meanwhile, players must match the played wager when they go for a call. Whereas a fold makes their starting card void and they must surrender it to the dealer. Once they have folded, players are no longer eligible to place any amount of wager until the round ends.

The dealer's turn will again resume with the Flop wherein three community cards will be dealt from the deck and played in the middle of the table. Community cards are essential for players in completing the best poker hand rankings. Players will again decide whether the raise, call, or fold for that round. The fourth card or the "turn" will then be dealt by the dealer and placed next to the initial community cards. Players are also required to choose whether they raise, call, or fold after the turn is placed. Lastly, the river, or the fifth and final card, will be dealt to complete the set of community cards.

During this final round, the remaining players should decide whether they'll push through with the cards or fold them to the leader. If they decided to push through, the active hole cards will be shown on the table and the player with the highest hand wins the round.

In case of a draw, a side card called the kicker will be drawn to break the tie. The dealer can draw as much kicker as required if no winner has been declared. If they still remain at draw, the remaining players will have to share on the total payout value at stake.

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