Freeroll Tournament Strategy

In poker tournaments a freeroll is a game with no entry fee. Still, prize money is usually offered to the winners. AsturPoker promotes casinos that offer entry to bigger tournament instead of giving prize money. Sometimes this perk is given in addition to the prize money.

Freerolls are recommended for beginners for two reasons. First, it is a great way for them to experience how to play in a really strong hand without risking any money. The structure and format is almost always the same as a standard competition. Another reason is that it is a good way for them to build their bankroll. In fact, there are many gamers who start and build their bankroll just by playing free games.

On the other hand, the style of playing is a bit different in free poker tournaments than in regular competitions where players pay for their entry.

It is often the case that there are more newbie players in a freeroll who want to learn how to play the game without risking money. It is also where people who just want to have fun will try out poker. Since most of them are not even trying to win, they often do not have any freeroll strategy.

If you plan to play in these games, it is important to keep in mind the following: other players on the table will not pay attention to what you do, and that opponents will most likely not fold.

Because your opponents do not pay attention to whatever freeroll tournament strategy you employ, they will not notice if you are a tight player or not. Therefore, even if you have folded several hands in a row, your raise will not earn any credit. That is why, if you do a tricky bluff that you base on your table image of being a tight player, it would most definitely be useless.

In a regular online or live competition , each bet where you raise carries a risk that if an opponent calls you, he might be eliminated from the game if he loses. In free games, there is no such risk because since being in the play did not cost them any entry free, players are more daring and do not really care if they get eliminated. That is why, aiming to win the prize money with a well planned bluff may not be such a good idea.

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